Broadway Malyan
Broadway Malyan

Broadway Malyan

Architects from London, United Kingdom
Our successful international growth strategy has resulted in a global network of 15 offices that enables us to serve clients across mature and emerging markets.

Our 500+ design experts are unrivalled in diversity which enables us to support clients across all types of markets and sectors.

Our distinctive client focus makes us a long-term partner with over 80% of our 2011 income from repeat business.

We create world-class and fully-integrated cities, places and buildings, sustainable communities with social and economic purpose and support responsible global urbanisation to deliver lasting value for clients.

The Architects’ Journal: “Over the last 12 months Broadway Malyan has grown its total global workforce and the company now has a worldwide network of 15 offices. It recently opened an outpost in Baku, Azerbaijan. The pioneering move made it one of the first international architecture practices to set up a base in the former Soviet Republic. The 54-year old firm is pursuing an organic international growth strategy and eyeing up further opportunities for expansion.” (18th May 2012)

Building: Managing Director Gary Whittle said: “We are actively exporting our expertise through an international growth strategy. Last year, for the first time in 50 years, we undertook most of our work outside the UK and Europe. We also opened new offices in São Paulo, Mumbai and Istanbul. This year we have already broken into Indonesia and Qatar and pushed into the international sports sector. We are also actively partnering clients moving into emerging markets.” (23rd May 2012)

Building Design: “Broadway Malyan is one of this year’s success stories. A determined global focus has seen the proportion of turnover generated by foreign projects rising from 45% to 75%. Past months have seen a string of headlines from abroad, such as masterplans for the creation of New Sadr City in Iraq, and this year it will look to establish further outposts, with China top of the list, where it has ambitions to deliver entire cities.” (16th December 2011)