Brossier Saderne
Brossier Saderne

Brossier Saderne

Manufacturers from 29, Avenue de la Fontaine, BEAUCOUZÉ-ANGERS, France
Since 1987, the BROSSIER SADERNE group has been lighting up top hotels and
restaurants with its original designs, including both standard and bespoke creations
adapted to suit your projects.
The group operates from three premises including two production units, one in
Lyon and the other in Angers which also houses the head offices, as well as its
commercial representation offices in Paris. We strive to ensure that our lighting designs are as efficient as possible in accordance
with safety and installation standards.
We consider the reliability and sustainability of each of our designs to be the culmination
of a successful collaboration. In order for each of our designs to meet its full decorative purpose, we incorporate an
extensive range of materials and endless stylistic possibilities. The only limits are your
imagination and functional requirements.
Our Products
Our Offices
Brossier Saderne BEAUCOUZÉ-ANGERS Headquarters
29, Avenue de la Fontaine, BEAUCOUZÉ-ANGERS, France

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