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Manufacturers from Uitmeentsestraat 19 , Giesbeek, Netherlands
De Vorm creates and produces design furniture - eco-friendly, durable and surprising. The collection adds a certain special something to the interior due to its unique character and high quality. No material is wasted during the production process, De Vorm produces mainly in the Netherlands and the creative minds are always looking for new materials that are made of recycled goods. On top of that, De Vorm owns its own forest, which compensates the CO2-emissions and will provide wood in the future.

Additionally, De Vorm is determined to give young designers a chance to convert their fresh, dynamic ideas into a permanent collection. De Vorm wants to sustain its key values but also enable diversity and contemporariness. At the moment, there are three young design talents on board, who are all extremely successful and keep winning awards; Benjamin Hubert, Jorre van Ast and Sebastian Herkner.
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De vorm Giesbeek Headquarters
Uitmeentsestraat 19 , Giesbeek, Netherlands