Carlo Baroni


Architects from via Rosmini 13, Trento, Italy
Who they are:
Davide Feltrin and Elisa Burnazzi, united in work and in life, are driven by a passion for architecture as a creative act. After working with leading architects, in 2003 they founded the studio Burnazzi Feltrin Architects, giving life to a strong collaboration made possible by a continuous and free comparison between the ideas and experiences of the two designers. The results - always original and updated with respect to the international architectural panorama - reveal their inclination to paying extreme attention to every single detail, besides the purely architectural aspect, thus trespassing into high quality design. Although young, the signature Burnazzi Feltrin Architects has won many awards, both national and international, and their works are published in prestigious books and journals.

As you want them to be:
Watching - and even more living – the works by Burnazzi Feltrin Architects is an exciting experience. Architectures are unexpected and unique, shaped around the personality and needs of clients - public and private - as well as respectful of the character and memory of the places in which they arise. They are born from the balanced approach of designers, encompassing both a practical sense of building, with particular attention to the ecological requirements of the architecture, and design originality. If private architectures aspire to increase the quality of the client’s life, the public ones are intended to contribute to the functional and aesthetic life of the community. The creations of Burnazzi Feltrin Architects become reality by combining the most diverse human needs with advanced technical solutions, continuously updated by the designers themselves. The attention to budget, to legal requirements and the possible technical-environmental constraints connected to the type of works, are integral elements of their work, elements with which Burnazzi Feltrin always know how to deal because endowed with professional skill and respect for the client, involved and not only considered during the initial design phase, but also during the practical realization phase. All this because that is what Burnazzi and Feltrin wish for, in the end: that you can perceive the completed work as the realization of a dream you thought impossible, and of a vision of yours that you did not think you could ever express.

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