Butzbach GmbH
Butzbach GmbH

Butzbach GmbH

Manufacturers from Robert-Bosch-Stra, Illertissen, Germany
Breaking new grounds in technology and materials have characterized the success of the Butzbach group since the company was founded in 1953.
Due to our prolonged experience in development, construction, manufacturing and installation of industrial doors, hangar doors and façade systems we are now a leading firm on the market.
Butzbach invented the laterally opening high speed door, developed the opening mechanism of the stacking door and was the first company worldwide to produce translucent fibreglass for door fillings.
The multitude of special door solutions, which we realize for customer specific requirements, profit from the creativity and the developmental know-how of our constructing engineers.
We are always on the search for a different – a better – solution for our customers. We thereby generate products that set themselves apart from those of our competitors in many details and have a unique position on the market.
As of today we have approximately 500 staff members at our production sites in Illertissen, Kellmünz and Unterroth, who stand for the quality of our products due to their competence and experience.
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