Architects from C-re-aid VZW 0505.759.582, Groot-Bijgaarden, Belgium
"Throughout my academic career (Architecture and Anthropology) I had always been intrigued by vernacular architecture and how this collides with modern day developments. It wasn’t until I arrived in Tanzania in 2010 that this particular interest turned into reality. Voluntary work and my position as co-founder of PLOT.form inspired me to further explore the possibilities of architecture in Tanzania. Eventually, this continuous (re)search led to the establishment of C-re-a.i.d. in 2012. Since then, C-re-a.i.d. has been active as an NGO in and around Moshi, and by extension; the entire Kilimanjaro region. Recently we decided to open an office in Zanzibar to broaden our operational scope and discover the wide range of possibilities the island has to offer."

Freya Candel
Founder & Executive Director of C-re-a.i.d.


By introducing a more sustainable and affordable building method, we strongly believe our projects have the ability to trigger social and economical change in a poverty stricken region. In this way, C-re-aid reaches their goals and by doing so also contributes on achieving the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Through experience and analysis we identified in Tanzania. A rapid changing building culture, due to modern influences, climate change and environmental policies. These factors lead to poor building qualities and living situations. Poor living situations are contributing to the vulnerability to fall into poverty. Use of unecological materials will have disastrous consequences for the environment as people will always need more housing and infrastructure.

Through architectural projects we aspire a place where people are creatively inspired within a hand reach to participate in an affordable, ecological and sustainable building culture. Architecture is much more than a tool to merely enhance material condition!