Architects from #45 , 1st Floor - K.K Complex, Shankarmutt Road, Shankarpuram, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004, India
Cadence was started as a collaborative architecture practice by architects Narendra, Vikram and Smaran in the year 2005. Having studied in the same school of architecture, they shared a common design philosophy and vision. Since their practice from the outset was speculative, it was imperative to have a firm that designed as a ‘studio’. The term “studio” is extremely critical in this context. “Studio” is generally associated with architectural education i.e. academia. To use this term is extremely important as architecture as a “speculative practice” can thrive in a studio atmosphere. The design process looked to transcend the obvious and to create a more pleasurable and sensorial experience, buildings that celebrated life and thereby made strong statements, statements that created a sense of identity not only for themselves but also their users. What was critical in achieving this was to create an environment which encouraged discussion. With a young group of architects and designers to work with, a lot of fresh ideas are thrown onto the table, with results that create ‘new’ spaces that stimulate as well as address the core idea of architecture being experiential. The spirit of speculation manifests itself into strategic processes which enable projects to evolve from conceptual ideas to sophisticated finished products. This process based rigor can be sensed in all the projects. Regardless of the scale, the ambition for each project is the same; this ambition is laced with a certain sensibility, a sensibility that helps us achieve new spatial and formal effects.

Be it conception of a space, formation of a surface or articulating a skin, they are interested in achieving an affect of sensuality and finding beauty in the unfamiliar. Their constant search for sculptural form, poetics in light, softness in space and tactility through materials is aimed at engaging the emotive senses and spawn vibrant feelings.

This led to the firm achieving recognition with a small residential project- OUT OF THE BOX, which had them published internationally and also won them many awards the most noteworthy amongst them being IIID MK AWARDS ’08 (NATIONAL) EMERGING INTERIOR DESIGN PRACTICE and JK CEMENTS AWARDS ‘09 – WINNER – YOUNG ARCHITECT OF THE YEAR .Since then they have been involved in many large scale projects such as a school for the Jain Group of Institutions, and also a villa project at Ahmedabad.
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#45 , 1st Floor - K.K Complex, Shankarmutt Road, Shankarpuram, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004, India