Nelson Garrido


Architects from Avenida António Serpa 32, Office 6A, Lisbon
Camarim is the architectural office created by Vasco Correia and Patrícia Sousa in 2007.

We are at the moment involved in a series of very different projects, ranging from small, low-budget housing renovations for end-users to medium-size public buildings with innovative programs.

We work in close dialogue with the clients, consultants, contractors and end users, in a collaborative process of production, so that each project translates a holistic solution: informed, intelligent and innovative. After the project, we continue actively involved in its construction and completion.

Though we are a young company, we have attracted the attention of the media from countries like Argentina, Brasil*, Canada, Chile, China, Dubai*, Italy, Mexico*, Portugal and the United Kingdom.
Our effort to produce energy-efficient designs was recognized by France5 (French National Broadcaster), who included us in a documentary about sustainable building in December 2009.
Most importantly, designs like Casa Tropical have gained the recognition of the local community as an added-value to their town; we believe this was achieved because of our pursuit for excellence in conception and execution of each project.

The following is a mind-frame that guides our approach to the architectural practice:
Camarim is an architecture laboratory where we study the spatial arrangement of human activities.
We operate on various programmes, budgets and scales – from the city to the tools of everyday life – and we approach each project as an opportunity to explore new solutions, in relation to the specificities of the program and the physical and cultural context.
We aim to design systems that are durable, functional, flexible, energy efficient, beautiful: we seek spaces and materials with the potential to generate complex mental landscapes from visual, tactile, acoustical and aromatic input, landscapes that evolve throughout the day, the seasons and life, as a living organism.