Cañas Arquitectos
Cañas Arquitectos

Cañas Arquitectos

Architects from 200m south from Plaza Roosevelt, San Pedro, Montes de Oca, Costa Rica
Founded in 1975, with the sole purpose of being a contemporary design office.

At that time, Costa Rican society had little or no exposure and understanding about how fabulous design is. Over the years, the population has been educated about good design, it has become more valued and now Cañas Architects is recognized as one of Latin America's architectural offices with a longer and most committed trajectory. Victor Cañas is the region's sole Honorary FAIA member for just his work in the area of design.

Cañas Arquitectos was conceived from the beginning as a company in love with nature, and especially, in love with the tropics. We firmly believe that great design goes hand in hand with the environment and this is the first step to achieve a sustainable project.

We choose and design with the most appropriate sustainable strategies, emphasizing the passive ones, to create architectural elements that uniquely characterize the project. For this we have a team of specialized consultants who help us to find the most sensible solution for the project’s ecology; from ancestral “low tech” solutions to high-tech ones, in order to offer standards of RESET, Carbon Neutral, or LEED certifications of sustainability.

“When the right thing is in the right place, we are moved” David Byrne.

We always create spaces designed to improve your quality of life.

We create and arrange them to suit your way of life and give them as much of nature’s touch as you are comfortable with.

Our architecture arises from here and now.
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Cañas Arquitectos Montes de Oca
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200m south from Plaza Roosevelt, San Pedro, Montes de Oca, Costa Rica