Carl Hansen & Søn
Carl Hansen & Søn

Carl Hansen & Søn

Manufacturers from Holmevænget 8 , aarup, Denmark
Carl Hansen & Son celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2008. Only a few family-owned companies make it this far. Even fewer are the furniture manufacturers that span a century of changing tastes and technologies. But it is truly rare that the fortunes of a high-end furniture producer are so closely connected to just one designer. The cooperation between Carl Hansen & Son and Hans J. Wegner began in 1949 – and was a turning point for them both.

Craftsmanship means many things to many people. To us, it means everything.

Back in 1908, Carl Hansen founded his company on a strong belief: outstanding craftsmanship and rational serial production could go hand-in-hand to provide customers with high-quality furniture at a reasonable price.

Today, we continue to build on this simple but strong idea. We combine age-old woodworking techniques with the very latest technology to produce furniture of lasting value.

For Carl Hansen & Son, good design is inherently sustainable in three ways:
1. Sustainable design and craftsmanship: Furniture that is made to last, from timeless design to exquisite joinery, proving its beauty and usability through time.
2. Sustainable materials: As much as possible of what goes into the furniture comes from sustainable sources.
3. Sustainable production processes: Employees and the environment are treated responsibly.