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Ceramica Añón

Manufacturers from Crta. de Alfaro, nº 46, NAVARRA, Spain
CERAMICA AÑÓN is a Spanish company founded in 1920 and located in Navarra.

It has a large ceramic tradition, always at the forefront of the manufacture of light-colored facing bricks, has let to its “White Anon”, characteristic of Tudela clays, one of the classic construction products.

In 1993 Ceramica Añón, was strengthened by joining a large business group, SAMCA, whose activities focus on the sectors of mining, agriculture, energy, plastics, synthetic fibres, building materials and raw materials for the ceramic industry. This event, endowed CERÁMICA AÑÓN with greater resources for research, development, innovation and growth.

All bricks are delivered under the AENOR quality certification according to EN 771-1: 2011.

and meet CE standards.

Cerámica Añón, has added a new line of Clinker facing bricks to its traditional light-colored facing bricks. All products are made from our own clay fired at high temperature in a tunnel kiln with thelatest technology regarding environmental apects and energy efficiency.

These new Klinker bricks, possess exceptional physical properties with a water absorption of less than 6% and an unbeatable behavior on the facade. All available colors; whites, grays, browns and blacks, are obtained by the composition of clays without surface coloring and with a extraordinarily smooth texture. They are commercialized under the product name; m1, m9, g1, k7 and k9.
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