Ceramics of Italy

Ceramics of Italy

Association from Viale Monte Santo, 40 , Sassuolo , Italy
Ceramics of Italy is the brand institutional and sectoral organizations representing and promoting the Italian ceramic industry in the world.

For nearly forty years promotes the image content and the Italian ceramic industry in foreign markets: Ceramics of Italy synthesizes tradition, quality, innovation and creativity.

Institutional image of the Italian ceramic, brand protection and disseminates knowledge of the companies belonging to Confindustria Ceramica and the use of their products at various times, such as the presence at trade shows, promotional and advertising campaigns, institutional holdings in commercial initiatives, cultural and image that tend to reinforce the action of individual firms on international markets.

Ceramics of Italy represents the will of the Italian ceramic tile in disseminating and promoting in Italy and abroad, a new value of ceramic tiles: no longer produced for the construction industry, but the point of reference for style and creativity for the development of a new culture of Made in Italy.

The Italian ceramic tile industry flag with the brand Ceramics of Italy those materials characterized by a high design can qualify the living spaces, the result of modern technologies that produce the utmost respect for the environment, with a great attention to safety in the workplace, the constant search for optimization of resources used, according to the highest standards of performance. Made in Italy, caring environment.

Ceramics of Italy, promoted by Confindustria Ceramica is a registered trademark of Edi.Cer. Spa, the organizer of Cersaie - International Exhibition of Ceramic
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