Chelsea Decorative Metal
Chelsea Decorative Metal

Chelsea Decorative Metal

Manufacturers from 8212 Braewick , Dr. Houston, United States
Chelsea Decorative Metal Company has found a new dramatic way to make the attractive pressed tin panels even more attractive. Having the designs accented by complimentary colors makes them even more striking to the eyes. Many more people are finding different places to install the pressed tin rather than on the ceilings. With the new faux finish they are makingbacksplashes, wainscotings, wall areas and bar fronts more decorative. Since they are painted when you order there is no need for a painter once they are installed.

The builders of homes are excited about putting it in the kitchen as a backsplash because they get notice immediately. Even though the patterns come in various size square on the 2' x 4' sheets, the 6" patterns are suggested because most back walls are close to 18" high. Also the 6" designs are only slightly bigger than the more common ceramic tiles and no messy grout.

Designers like to use the tin panels as a wainscoting and display the design in several rooms, so that the theme is carried throughout the house. Wainscoting is usually done in wood, but again the designs with the accent of color steal the show. They run from the floor up the wall 2 1/2' to 3', and either a wood trim or a metal molded filler can be run on top to separate the wainscoting from the rest of the wall.
Home owners have chosen to cover the wall behind a pot belly stove or even a free standing fireplace. The tin sheets not only work to beautify those areas, but also add a metal barrier between the stove/fireplace and the wall. These areas are also wonderful for using the bigger patterns that Chelsea has to offer.

Now that man caves are becoming popular in homes a perfect place for pressed tin panels are to have them on your bar front. A great eye catching feature which welcomes people to your watering hole. What dresses up that space even more is the faux finish.

Glenn "The Tinman" Eldridge says "It's taking the original designs from the past and making them even more desirable for today". A few names of the colors are Ocean Mist, Mocha Madness and Medieval Wine which is great for a wine room.

When it comes to a decorative finish it's easy to see why the pressed tin panels can't be beat. The embossed metal gives it a nice 3 dimensional look while the feel itself is nostalgic. When it comes to styles Chelsea offers Art Deco, Turn of the Century, Americana and Victorian styles in several design sizes and any design can be finished in any hand painted finish.