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Chris Shao Studio

Architects from 636 Broadway, Suite 1218, New York, NY 10012, USA
China-born, New York-based Designer Chris Shao founded Chris Shao Studio LLC in 2016. While pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at the New York School of Interior Design, Chris received his first major commission to design the interiors of a multi-family project at 111 Varick Street, in the cosmopolitan neighborhood of SoHo. His designs have been coveted for their fusion of masculine with feminine, rich fabrics with sharp contemporary silhouettes, and romantic ideals with classical stoicism. He lends a signature twist to everyday essentials.

In 2018, Chris Shao opened a second design studio, 召禾室内设计(上海)有限公司, in Shanghai, China. His design philosophy lives in the studio’s pared-back aesthetic and respect for materials, while remaining avant-garde in its reinterpretations of contemporary classics. Currently, both studios have broadened their design footprints among high-end residential, hospitality, and commercial projects on an International scale.

Introduction of Chris Shao Studio

Noho Manhattan natives, Chris Shao Studio LLC started its design journey in 2017 and is credited with bringing a refreshing nuance to the Interior Design scene. The studio’s designs are imbued with naturalistic and eclectic ambiance. Citing a guiding principle of Arts & Crafts pioneer William Morris, of “truth to materials” as a key influence, the design team offers an unfussy, free-spirited vision of contemporary design, that is considered, without being pretentious. This approach has unsurprisingly won the studio a legion of clients, who covert Chris Shao Studio’s distinctive work.

The team at Chris Shao Studio have formed their base in New York City, each coming from a range of distinct and distant cultures. Asian, Central American and Australian backgrounds influence a unique approach to design, however, conform around the same design values of sophistication and exclusivity. Diversity has assisted the studio in accomplishing a strong but versatile identity that translates into every project, creating a unique and personal result for each client.

Located on Broadway, at Bleecker Street, the design of the studio revolves around the nostalgic spirit of Noho, where contemporary and traditional design languages converse. The studio’s loft ceilings allow bold design ideas to naturally form. To reinterpret and reinvent one of the most artistic neighborhoods in New York City, Chris Shao Studio has created a space that represents their unique and contemporary approach to design by using homogenous dark and neutral tones and contrasting furniture styles, embellished with a growing collection of vintage and antique artefacts. Industrial, traditional and oriental styles have been ingeniously balanced throughout the space, featuring wood, zinc and linen finishes.

Throughout his travels, Chris Shao has collected a range of art, antique furnishings and objects that embody a significant story or meaning. From an African milking stool, to Portuguese Santos Cage dolls, the studio represents a microcosm of decorative objects that have shaped a range of design styles throughout history and continue to influence the studio’s design language. Each piece has a unique aesthetic, meaning and story that speaks for the basis of Chris Shao’s design philosophy; “I’m not only an Interior Designer, but also a Storyteller.”
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