Landscape Architects from Delhi, India
Chromed Design Studio aims to be a change agent to transform India's image as a not-so-attractive design centre to a hub of post-modern avant-garde designs. Chromed Design Studio is driven not so much by a look, or even a sensibility, but by the endlessly curious creative process that shaped it.

“I know this sounds trite, but it’s not about what’s true now”, says founder principal Abhigyan Neogi. “It’s about asking, ‘what if?’” What if an architect could be as experimental as a chef? What if the building became a character? A living organism? What if your environment could transform with every step?

On a given day, Chromed Design Studio could be working on an F&B project, a residence, a master plan, an interior project, a multi-specialty space, and a commercial project. That confluence of things is probably what makes it unique in its stature. The process behind these projects —the Chromed way—is really a set of permissions to roam and explore. Rather considering Architecture a component of the leadership required for successfully implementing a project, Chromed Design takes it to a new dimension by integrating a team which focuses on all aspects of a project with a team of high skilled professionals with a single window delivery approach.

Architecture at its visionary best exhilarates and inspires. It is a field that embodies design ingenuity, creating spaces and most importantly imagination. Architecture is not the creation of Non-Living Products made of merely Brick and Concrete; rather it is the art of creating Living Organisms that live in Harmony with Mother Nature. It is with this philosophy that we at Chromed Design endeavor to shape up Today’s world by adding Layers of Built forms and Infrastructure that complement the existing surrounding environment.

Since the establishment of Chromed Design will soon be a decade, we have been very innovative, experi¬mentative, and passionately charged with the aim of giving Life to the structures.