CMV Architects

Architects from C/ Carmen 6, Palma Mallorca, Spain
CMV arquitects, is an architecture studio that has been conducting projects and supervising building work since 1996. The studio is outstanding for its aesthetic language experimentation.
We propose new figurative and plastic challenges for the city from a starting point of a professional and creative interpretation of the programmes required by each building.In recent years, architects and studio founding members Andreu Crespí, Helena Montes y Pep Vich, have completed over 250 projects encompassing all fields of architecture: sports, public spaces, health, housing, restoration, administration, hotel and catering, etc. In the same way, our research and work ranges from architectural design to landscaping, urban planning, consultancy, viability, etc.
Our designs have been published in specialized magazines and monographic publications. We have been invited to architecture conferences and interviews.
Our work is linked, in turn, to the development and growth of our experience because of our participation in numerous project and building competitions. As a result of this, we have been invited to participate in competitions and have received awards in several occasions and from there stem important completed projects.
Architecture is understood by us as the gene and genesis of human beings, as the content and shell of history, developing the exercise of designing, based always on needs, reality and architectural harmony, and carrying out the development of these projects materializing them in building construction and always keeping in mind constructive coherence, quality and nature of materials.
Our Offices
CMV Architects Palma Mallorca
C/ Carmen 6, Palma Mallorca, Spain