Architects from Curacao , Netherlands Antilles
CONCEPT0031 is interested in the “pluricultural” society and works from a social and community-based commitment. Man and its relation to themes as religion, experience, society and the multi-functional and multi-ethnic use of buildings, facilities and public spaces. CONCEPT0031 initiates, creates and tunes in on contemporary issues.

By stimulating meetings and facilitating the user well, CONCEPT0031 functions as a link in the “pluricultural society”. This is based upon all cultural aspects that are important for a well-functioning society. Not only, do we look at a shared cultural background, but also at issues such as social class, outlook on life, time of life and lifestyle. In a perfect world, interaction and community bonds serve as the basis for the design of cities and architecture, whereby the different requirements raised by questions about “public versus private” domains are taken into consideration.
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CONCEPT0031 Curacao
Curacao , Netherlands Antilles