Condari (Qasair / Condor / Rangecraft) Rangehoods
Condari (Qasair / Condor / Rangecraft) Rangehoods

Condari (Qasair / Condor / Rangecraft) Rangehoods

Condari’s rangehoods are designed and manufactured in Australia, and sold in Australia, New Zealand, and SE Asia.

Condari manufactures rangehoods for indoor and outdoor domestic applications, including recirculating models. We select rangehoods to suit individual kitchen environments, taking into account cookware, cooking style, and room size and type.

Qasair are our indoor ducted solutions.

Rangecraft are our indoor recirculating solutions.

Condor are our outdoor ducted solutions.

Our business also specializes in providing custom solutions where standard models will not fit. Our design team is based in our factory, in Melbourne, Australia.

We work directly with architects, kitchen designers, builders, and engineers.

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For all product and technical enquiries please email us directly at, or call +613 9482 7088.