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Conforti Company deals with security systems since 1912, creating products both for the private and commercial market, for professional, banking and high-risk market. The identified solutions meet the specific questions of our customers, thanks to the know-how gained in nearly 100 years of experience.
In addition to physical security products, for the protection of property and values, Conforti offers security solutions as alarm and CCTV systems, safeguarding of the assets and, above all, of the person.
Conforti products are required and appreciated also abroad, particularly in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Our sales staff is on offer such as expert consultants to identify, analyze the needs of our customers, and propose the best security solution.

Conforti Servicing provides a support network to listen and solve the problems of their customers. Our Technicians and Service Centers are involved in the identification of best application solutions and installation.
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