LIKO-S verified-mark

LIKO-S is a Czech family business established in 1992. A strong, international and innovative company that is a master in the production of premium construction systems creating better buildings for people and nature. Our strategy is to create new niche market segments that offer our customers innovative solutions with higher added value.

That is one of the reasons we were recognized as one of the „10 Best Managed Companies in the Czech Republic“ by Deloitte in 2020. We are one of the Europe’s largest producers of glass partitions, movable walls & acoustic solutions with patented systems and solutions.

In addition to the interior systems, we have paved the way in central Europe within the construction industry with our „Green Building“ systems. Last year, we built our internationally recognized living hall „LIKO-Vo“ which has become a revolutionary symbol for industrial buildings thanks to it’s use green roofs, green facades & root zone wastewater treatment.

LIKO-S’ reach is global thanks to its strong partnership network in Europe, its latest subsidiary in India, and its direct export to other markets like the USA., Africa, and the Middle East.