CONIX RDBM Architects
CONIX RDBM Architects

CONIX RDBM Architects

Architects from Antwerp, Brussels (Belgium) and Rotterdam, Terneuzen (The Netherlands)
In 2013 the Antwerp based architectural offices CONIX Architects and RDBM Architects & Advisors joined forces, resulting in an unified office named CONIX RDBM Architects. Managed by the architects Christine Conix, Jorden Goossenaerts and Frederik Jacobs, the team operates from offices in Antwerp, Brussels, Rotterdam and Terneuzen.

Because every project is unique, we do not focus on a specific building typology. Our extensive portfolio includes new buildings, reconstructions and renovations in the field of residential projects, care centres, government projects, schools, cultural projects, commercial buildings, offices, banks, industrial projects, but also property developments, masterplanning, interior design and product design.

Continuously in motion and guided by emotions, we create architecture that has regard for the given space and offers a meaningful answer to the needs of our client, the location, society and the time spirit. In order to do so, we developed a unique methodology allowing us to create an integrated concept that sees to the four chronological stadia: Research, Design, Build and Maintain. The resulting concept is, irrespective of its nature, extent or budget, innovative in its architecture and creative in its working process.

Our ultimate goal is to create architecture that offers an added value to its users as well as to the society as a whole. We want our architecture to be functional, flexible and aesthetic, for now and for the future.

Together continuously in e-motion, CONIX RDBM Architects shapes present and future by creating identity and enduring value.

CONIX RDBM Architects Antwerp bvba
Londenstraat 60/121
2000 Antwerp
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Van Meyelstraat 30
1080 Brussels
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CONIX RDBM Architects bv
Weena 695 B7.046
NL 3013 AM Rotterdam
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CONIX RDBM Architects bv
Waterfront 390
NL 4531 HZ Terneuzen
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