Constructive Space

Constructive Space

Architects from 60 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7BB, UK
We provide a host of specialist services, including:

Workspace Design and Build
Interior Design
Project Management
Turnkey Solutions
All projects, from initial consultation to completion, are Director led.
With decades of experience in the market, Constructive Space have unrivalled expertise in creating cutting-edge workspaces.

As an independent company, we do things differently. Our directors don’t hide away, instead offering hands on approaches to each project, providing professional, straight-talking advice to ensure every client achieves their goals.

We’re focussed on the relationship between people, the spaces they occupy and technology. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate all three, producing an environment that delivers real commercial returns for every business we work with.

Productivity, communication, motivation, recruitment and personal well being are just some of the factors that can be influenced and improved by a well crafted, intelligent workspace.

Property is likely to be the biggest investment your business will ever make, so there’s no room for cutting corners.

Constructive Space provide refurbishment and relocation for offices, retailers and leisure businesses, guiding each project to a successful conclusion with minimal disruption.
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