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CoOB Architects

Architects from De Wittenstraat 27., Amsterdam, Netherlands
CoOB - Collaboration Ouburg Bremmer - is an internationally oriented office working on all scales of the contemporary urban landscape.

For CoOB every project is a multidisciplinary process whereby the ongoing relationship between programme and context is being discussed, tested and researched. Every spatial intervention is seen as a chance to stimulate interaction between people, revealing unsuspected scenarios and making people aware of the quality and beauty of space.

Through intensive collaboration with clients, technical advisors, users, writers, artists and others a project is conceived as a multiple authorship, resulting in a design that is an intelligent construction of choices and ideas. Especially in the contemporary European condition where, both in architecture and urban planning, a shift is made from a focus on the ‘new’ to the transformation of the ‘present’, the office claims a modern, innovative and critical position. CoOB takes a stand that is both sensitive in relation to the past and daring towards the future.

The diversity in the body of work is a direct result of the focus on the specificity of each assignment. The combination between this diversity and specificity is important for the office to constantly focus and have a broader view on the contemporary condition of architecture and urbanism.

CoOB is collaboration between architectural firms Office Jarrik Ouburg and Paulien Bremmer Architects.
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De Wittenstraat 27., Amsterdam, Netherlands