CORO driftwood collection
CORO driftwood collection

CORO driftwood collection

Artists from Boulbon, France
A creative story about wood formed and grayed by nature.

Cathérine Op de Beeck (14/01/82 Roeselare) makes modern, functional little furniture and useful accessories with a very unique look. Every creation is unique by its literal meaning. Her collection is made from driftwood, from tree trunks that travelled hundreds of kilometers through the river Rhone in to the Mediterranean Sea to finally end up at the beach to start their bleaching process. Every 3 months, Cathérine herself goes to the unique beaches of the Camarque to carefully select her wood. “Every piece has its own character, its own story, its own coloring process” according to Cathérine. “I cannot have anyone else make that selection. My inspiration starts by feeling the wood, smelling the sea, the search at the abandoned, bewildered beach.

Ecology and recycling

“The trees wash up in big numbers mainly at the end of February. During a cold winter, high up in France, the trees brake by the weight of the snow. Their journey in the river ends here in the Camarque. And I build my collection out of them. But it also contributes to cleaning the beaches, ending up as a timeless, fun piece of furniture.” Cathérine jokes.

Exclusive and handmade

“Because every branch, every piece of wood has its own unique curves and color, each lamp, each bench, each pouf or each side table is different. The wood is transported directly to my workshop in Bruges. Every design born there leaves for a carefully selected design store. They sell it to private market.

All creations are handmade in France.