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Architects from Rua Kwamme N´Krumah, 10, Luanda, Angola
COSTALOPES is a Luanda (Angola, West Africa) based group of architects, lead by Alexandre and António Costa Lopes, operating within the fields of architecture, urbanism, landscape and interior design, ranging from large-scale developments and urban interventions to single-family houses.

Our projects – beyond different scales, programs, sites, materials, clients and users – are considered a work in progress that strains research, imagination, mainstream approaches and local conditions in order to deal with the constantly evolving challenges of contemporary life. Our experience in Angola gives us a major tool to deal with whatever challenges wherever we work.

We believe in open projects, anchored in local cultures, amplified by world resources and rooted in the ethics that allows public space, collective life and bonded happiness. We are proud to take part of Angola’s and Africa’s architectural awakening.

With Luanda Bay Waterfront, COSTALOPES was selected for the exhibition “100 Architects of the Year 2015”, organized by the Korean Institute of Architects (KIA) with the support of the International Union of Architects (UIA).
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COSTΛLOPES Luanda Headquarters
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Rua Kwamme N´Krumah, 10, Luanda, Angola