Craig Tan Architects Pty Ltd
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Craig Tan Architects Pty Ltd

Craig Tan Architects Pty Ltd

Manufacturers from Level 2, 41-45 A’Beckett Street, Melbourne, Australia
Established in early 2011, Craig Tan Architects is a multi-disciplinary studio practice offering architectural, interior design and urban design services.

At Craig Tan Architects we approach design as an intrinsic journey taken together with the client. In helping the client establish their brief, and realise their design aspirations we aim to create environments that help engender a sense of identity and repose apart from the everyday rush of life. In doing so, we encourage and embrace the role of serendipity and discovery as part of the shared energy and chemistry of the design process.

Our design solutions are tailored to express the character of each unique client and site. Seeded deep within the core of our design, is a desire to create intimate and unique spaces that encourage social interaction, and evoke a reconnection with the site and natural elements. This is achieved through a focus on simplicity of space, the atmospherics and nuances of light, and the materiality of finish.

Using a clearly defined budget and set of goals, we seek to establish a clear understanding of the project parameters. This allows us to springboard beyond mere solutions to coerce delight from every design opportunity no matter how small or restricted.

Utilising Craig’s ability to draw and sketch, the ongoing hand sketches throughout the design process become a critical catalyst in understanding the essence of the design, and more so in conveying a joint vision with a client.

Complementing this, we also employ a range of digital techniques to ensure the project is realised with rigour and precision. Cutting edge computer Building Information Modelling (BIM) techniques are utilised to ensure that the design is worked up as a digital model providing information that will ensure a clear and efficient translation from initial idea to built form.

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