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Creative Machines is a group of visionary artists, engineers and fabricators doing world-class work for clients everywhere from their base in Tucson, AZ. We are a multi-disciplinary firm whose abilities span exhibition design, ball machine sculptures, and monumental public art. We create monumental and human-scaled work that is beautiful at first glance but yields deeper rewards with continued interaction. Our work is rooted in science, perception, and history. Since 1995 we have been making dynamic experiences for museums, science centers, libraries, hospitals, university campuses, transit stops, art museums, children’s museums, trade shows, professional conferences, private residences, and public spaces across the globe. Regardless of the time of day, someone somewhere is enjoying our work. We never stop innovating. We make technically sophisticated projects and explore fabrication strategies that have never been tried before. Extensive research and prototyping let us create the most innovative and unique work for our clients. In certain areas, we can do things that no other firm can.
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