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Creative Machines

Creative Machines

Designers from 3113 East Columbia Street, Tucson, United States
Creative Machines is a unique group of imaginative thinkers and skilled makers based in Tucson, AZ. We are a multi-disciplinary firm whose abilities span exhibition design, ball machine sculptures, and monumental art fabrication. However, at the heart of all our work is the creation of interactive objects and environments.

Founded in 1997, Creative Machines has been making dynamic experiences for museums, science centers, libraries, hospitals, university campuses, transit stops, art museums, trade shows, and public spaces across the globe. We are renowned for the ability to meld inventive approaches with the highest quality work.

The firm excels at making technologically sophisticated projects and exploring fabrication strategies that have never been tried before. We constantly develop new ideas through extensive research and prototyping thereby creating the most innovative and unique work for our clients.
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