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Founded in 1978 by the desire of Enzo Crivellari, an upholsterer with over 20 years of experience in the field of upholstery, and his wife Zita, shoe seamstress, the company has become a reference point in Italy for the design and production of high quality handmade sofas and armchairs. His passion has been passed on to his sons Francesco and Massimo, who are at the head of the company today, and have also established themselves in the naval industry, with products found on the most luxurious cruise ships in the world. The skill and talent in working together with a flexible production and a strong innovation inclination, have allowed the Crivellari craftsmen to create great design elements for all types of industry, from the residential to the hotel industry. The internationalization of the company has allowed us to offer collections that combine comfort and design to the global market, enhancing the leather features. Crivellari now offers leather sofas with smooth shapes that focus on quality, craftsmanship of the product, and care for the environment.

Crivellari has a historical and unbreakable link with Made in Italy and high quality craftsmanship; the main distinctive features are the great skills in stitching leather and the expertise of the craftsmen. The passion in the creation of products and care to detail have created a solid basis for realizing sofas with a contemporary design of extreme comfort and pleasant to the touchfeel. The innovation of the seats, with high strength springs, together with the use of the best leather, means that the sofa is extremely soft and comfortable, giving a great feeling of well-being to whoever sits on it. This is the concept of "Soft Leather Sofa". The company meticulously tests all the structural elements that make up each piece of the collection, and guarantees the maximum pre and post-sales assistance.
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