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CTE-VBMIS Group provides engineering, architectural and real estate services . CTE is Civil Technologies and Engineering, P.C. and VBMIS is Virtual Building Modeling and Information Systems an attachment of Building Information Modeling (BIM) within engineering, architecture and real estate and hence the name CTE-VBMIS Group. CTE-VBMIS Group covers 3D existing conditions, 4D Scheduling, 5D Estimating and 6D Sustainability and 7D Facilities Management, dimensions of BIM.  Strategically provides leadership in the development and construction of real estate from due diligence, project planning, programming, schematic design, design development entitlements, working drawings, agency reviews , cost estimating throughout project stages, permitting , contract close out, O&M manuals and commissioning.  Expert at planning, zoning, building departments, building codes, site planning, traffic engineering and utility design and engineering providing great foresight into property potentials both positive and negative.  Experienced at building systems of envelope, HVAC, Electric, Communications, Fire Protection, Plumbing and Structural dispositions in assessing future acquisition , redevelopment and reuse of existing buildings to maximize return and minimize risk.  Accurate property assessment from the eyes of a developer, marketer and design professional on what is needed in each prospective property to make it viable.  Leverages skills as an architect and professional engineer in selecting sites that produce short term benefit while considering longer term factors like supply chain costs, marketing and advertising, demographics, infrastructure, staffing, impending policy, and other factors that will drive real estate locations to perform well.  Skilled focused knowledge in architecture and engineering to add value to real estate through materials selection to reduce maintenance, building systems to reduce energy costs, lower construction costs and enhance resale / leasing.  Expert implementation of Building Information Modeling to leverage common designs, floor plans and details over multiple real estate locations for accurate cost estimating, controlled project scheduling , sustainability / lifespan and enhanced facilities maintenance.  Complete understanding of Town/City Councils, planning, zoning and architectural review boards local regulations, political influences, zoning restrictions, culture, politics and management, as a former consultant and employee, to overcome entitlement obstacles to streamline and enhance approval time frames to lower carrying costs.  Understands contractor culture, contracts and principles in developing positive relationships and negotiations and specific contracts to get the most done for the best price in the least amount of time.  Strong ability to anticipate and prepare for potential problems the first time to avoid delays caused by bureaucracy and regional regulatory issues and obtain key sites before competitors do.  Manages multiple team members, stakeholders, design professionals and contractors in high pressure mission critical environments in maintaining, monitoring and verifying project team achievement to maintain critical company values of, mission, strategy, and annual goals, objectives and philosophy.  Understands municipal infrastructure planning, development and master planning to develop future company strategic planning and purchase of lower cost properties for future development and increased value once future municipal development is achieved in company strategic areas.
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123 W. Nye Lane, SUite 129, Carson City, United States