Manufacturers from Via Ada Negri, 5, Carate Brianza, Italy
From long experience in the world of padded furniture, the comfortable CTS SALOTTI line is born.

Italian industry...

A complete collection that embraces classic tradition and innovation careful selection of high quality materials, a vast and up-dated range of fabrics, accurate craftsmanship

CTS SALOTTI started its activity around the middle of the sixty years.

In these years the italian industry specialized in production of furnitures.

The firm of Carate Brianza, from the beginning, perfects the production of sofas pertain to handicraft, identify itself on italian market.


Through the ideas, the projec and the intuitions of the titular and the designers, CTS SALOTTI just in the middle of the seventy years, leaves the provincial dimension and confront an industrial trasformation, that reinforce its place the italian market.

The costant partecipation at the different exhibition, whether in Italy or abroad, consents at CTS SALOTTI to know with attention the necessity of the modern consumer.

The sofas and the armchairs of CTS SALOTTI are products of quality that embrace differents tastes, but that have only a common denominator: the personality.