Daewha Kang Design

Daewha Kang Design

Architects from 35 Corbridge Crescent, London E2 9EZ, UK
DaeWha Kang Design is founded on an ethos of beauty, innovation, and wisdom. This philosophy drives our design process and informs the projects that we choose to take on.

Wisdom underlies our dedication to sustainability and human well-being. We believe in long-term thinking, and encourage our clients to share our conviction that long-term thinking leads to better design and better value for money. Architecture can positively influence the environment and our fellow people.

Innovation keeps us always inspired and fresh. Wisdom may lead us to designs that are timeless in their universal values, but innovation makes our work emblematic of our times. We use technology to achieve more with less effort, and to create something truly new for our clients and collaborators.

We work closely with world-class experts who specialise in disciplines from engineering and construction to landscape design and environmental benchmarking.

Beauty is about more than aesthetics. We look to nature for our understanding of beauty. It is the right balance of all things: the intricate simplicity we see in the world around us. With all the work we do, we search for proportion, for truth in form and materials, and expression that reveals meaningful function.

We try to live our values through the atmosphere in our studio as much as we do in the projects themselves, and this reflects in our office culture. Learn more about it below.
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Daewha Kang Design
35 Corbridge Crescent, London E2 9EZ, UK