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Davide Macullo (b. Giornico, Switzerland, 1965) lives and works in Lugano, Switzerland. Following commercial and technical studies in Zug and Lucerne, he graduated from the Professional University of Art & Design in Lugano in 1989 and has been a member of the Swiss Register of Architects and Engineers since 1998. After several study visits to Asia, the US and within Europe, he began his working career in the atelier of Mario Botta in 1990 as project architect with responsibility for international projects. He opened his atelier in 2000 and currently the studio is involved in projects in Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Greece, France and in South Korea. His work has been published and acclaimed both at home and abroad. The ethos of the studio has developed into one of ‘cross-experiences’ and promotes an open and cultural exchange with architects and collaborators often coming from different backgrounds. The diverse individual contributions encourage, and help sustain, a local-meets-global, embracing approach to architecture, spanning from the theoretical to the practical and detail level, to territorial analysis, pedagogy and sustainability in construction.
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