DDIR architecture studio
DDIR architecture studio

DDIR architecture studio

Architects from shanthinagar, Bangalore, India
DDIR Architecture Studio was created in 2003 by the combined inspirations of French-Canadian architect Dominic Dube and Inge Reick, originally from Germany. Dominic was received his training in Canada and Italy and has been practicing architecture professionally for over 25 years. He has worked in countries all over the world, including Canada, Italy, Mexico, Thailand, Greece, France, the United States and, for the past sixteen years, India, and has been involved with projects of all scales, from intimate interior spaces to large town- and urban-planning schemes.

The vision of the studio is on the integration of architecture and design with art (nature), technology (structure), life (light) and culture (spirit). The goal is to discover the inherent spirit in each project and this is accomplished through a hands-on approach and complete immersion into the design. Dominic’s instincts as a painter are evident in the work: Projects are conceived as paintings on a three-dimensional canvas. The studio consists of architects and designers from both the East and the West, and the varying backgrounds, views and experiences of the individuals involved combine to produce complex and rich spaces full light and life.
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