Denis Guzzo

Association from Rotterdam, Netherlands
I was born in Vicenza, Italy, in 1977. I currently reside between Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Almere and am currently working on myriad of autonomous projects across Europe.

In the last half decade I’ve developed my love of photography, cartography and film through my passion for landscape in architecture. I’ve extensively researched the cultural landscape through history and form within the context of the built environment. My exploration and documentation of these landscapes are tracked through the relationship between humanity and our direct surroundings often translated through space and context.
The natural environment by default has its own language; wind and seasons which we translate into make-ability.1 To capture this I focus my approach on the interaction of the physical through remote sensing. I work through an accurate and persistent spatial analysis, within this labyrinth of subjective observations that we are used to call geography and history. This multiplicity of landscape perceptions, together with my own experience and interpretation, result into images conceived as metaphors. These metaphors are the stories I am keen on exposing through the medium of photography.
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