Diba Tensile Architecture
Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh
Diba Tensile Architecture

Diba Tensile Architecture

Membrane structures also known as tensile structures, go back to the early ages, when humans had to seek shelter against wind, rain and the sun through living in tents. Since then even with advancements in science and technology, not only have these structures not become less important but also via combining beauty and elegance with functionality, they have gained an ever growing acclamation. The very first membrane structure was built near the turn of the 19th century and via complex calculations in the 20th century, it was made possible for these structures to be known as a separate architectural field. With improvements in fabrics and joints and the introduction of lightweight structures as a necessity in the modern architecture, these structures were made more popular than ever. There is a rich background in Fabric or Membrane Structures in our country which is still seen in our nomad tribes. Yet despite an old history and the wide practice of this method throughout the world, membrane structures have not been that well appreciated in Iran. In terms of acculturating the practice and promoting the science of this field, Diba tensile Architecture, the first Iranian company with absolute expertise, was established in Tehran, Iran, in August 2005. So far the company has finished many projects in different cities of Iran.
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