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Architects from Ground Floor, 40 Clifton Street, London EC2A 4DX, UK
Doone Silver Kerr is a London-based architectural practice. Established in 2010, our studio is led by Directors Richard Doone, John Silver and Ross Kerr, and has extensive experience in commercial, residential and hospitality sectors worldwide.

With decades of personal experience, the individual Directors have consistently demonstrated an ability to challenge the preconceptions of a project to unlock exciting design and economic opportunities.

Each project is approached without preconceived ideas. There is a clearly discernible pattern that links all our work, a unity of thought and a robust rationale that can be identified in each design and that results from a close and enjoyable collaboration with our clients and project teams.

We believe that good architecture takes an all-encompassing approach to the integration of form, structure, materials and light. Making places to pause and interact with the natural and built environment is also essential. As architects we see it as our responsibility to provide this sense of positive civic engagement.

Our projects always aim to minimise environmental impact and to optimise energy efficiency. Our three most recent projects have all achieved BREEAM ‘Excellent’ ratings.
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