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Our design approach is to have a collaborative effort with the Client, the Architect, and the Contractor. We see ourselves as problem solvers and not project obstructionist. Our goal is provide an economical solution to designs that push the envelope rather than compromise a design with over engineering. We understand the importance of a sound structural design, that facilitates construction with a well-coordinated and clear set of Structural Drawings. Thus, we never forget the importance of engineering as a service profession and always provide a reliable product in a reasonable response time. We have become, without a doubt, the firm people contact once others have failed to offer timely service and economical designs.

We consider ourselves practical engineers offering cost effective designs bringing an empathetic view to the client, who encounters numerous hurdles with Building Departments. Our engineers are trained to combine the right mixture of technical and practical skills to apply Building Code Requirements with imagination and engineering judgment rarely applied by others. In the same respect, we have a commitment to a kind of innovative Structural Design that will produce a safe and reliable structure for indefinite years to come.
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