DP6 architectuurstudio
Michel Kievits
DP6 architectuurstudio

DP6 architectuurstudio

Architects from Doelenplein 6, Delft, Netherlands
DP6 architectuurstudio is an architecture firm involved in the design of infrastructure, residential, non-residential, urban planning, landscape and interior projects. For each of our projects we aspire after a seamless and optimal translation of the identity and wishes of the future users. In order for us to achieve this, it is essential that we have a clear understanding of the wants and needs of these users. Through a collection of analyses and provocative and inspiring dialogue with the client we arrive at the first concept. By introducing our creativity, professionalism and practical experience, and in close communication with the client, we convert this concept into built work. We are driven by the ambition to realize buildings our clients can be proud of; buildings in which the users can comfortably work, play, learn and live.

Architecture by DP6 can be characterized by how it is tailored to the identity of the users, its striking design, and its strong connection to its landscape and surroundings. A building can only be truly considered sustainable when it has been carefully and conscientiously embedded into its environment. To us, sustainable buildings should become part of the natural systems they are placed into: in terms of the energy consumption and the materials used, as well as durability, flexibility and comfort.

Professionalism and creativity are the cornerstones of the work at DP6. Creativity founded in distinctive, aesthetic and innovative architecture. Professionalism expressed through a realistic approach, experience, and a clear and efficient organization of the design process. Inspired by an innate curiosity and fascination for craftsmanship, we take pleasure and pride in working on buildings that stimulate the senses through use of design, color, light and material.