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The brand DUNAdesign brainchild of Angelo Marzella (architect and interior designer) and Pierfranco Marengo (bio-engineer and architect) with the intention of telling their personal research of style and functionality in the field of sustainable design, giving a particular appeal even to a material traditionally considered poor as cardboard. DUNAdesign dedicated to the design and self-production of cardboard’s furniture with a unique design and refined. Aesthetic research and innovation have always been at the center of the mission, which is based on the absolute guiding principle of ecological sustainability and recovery of craftsmanship in modern form.
The active commitment that DUNAdesign employs in raising awareness about environmental and ecological issues and the protection of nature, is attested by the use of PEFC certified material (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).
As often happens for design projects, the shape makes it appealing many contemporary projects, but frequently left aside its functionality and practicality.
DUNAdesign is not only the creation of environmentally friendly products and fully recyclable but it is also a source of ideas ready to satisfy every customer and to give life to concrete projects that ensure the highest possible quality. A different home culture faces in modern life, it looks to change understood as ecological sustainability and the search for ever more environment-friendly materials and solutions, but without neglecting aesthetics and taste.
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