Jesús Granada


Architects from Castello, 37 - Bajo, MADRID, Spain
E. Bardají y Asociados considers architecture based on the perspective of its condition of shared creativity; shared, not only due to the existence of simultaneous aspects and the different intrinsic components of architecture (urban integration, spatial composition, technology and construction, functional resolutions, cultural vibration), but also due to the inevitable presence of the different agents intervening in the architecture production process (promoter capital, construction industry, regulatory administration, users).

Our style is synonymous with our attitude, which is to permanently strive to achieve excellence as a utopia, attempting to understand and become involved in real city construction processes. This attitude, considered as a style, may have a more architectural reflection through trying to escape from a rational reality, being concerned about economic waste, taking an interest in constructive accuracy but without putting it before comfort, attempting to dignify what is “ordinary” as a value, in an ongoing effort to distinguish it from what is mediocre and by aspiring to achieve a shared, transmissible beauty that is situated at an equidistant point between geniality and vulgarity.

Our main studio is in Madrid and we have an office on the Spanish Costa del Sol. We first started business activity back in 1987 and our studio has won several prizes, including the EEC Prize for European Local Planning in 2000 for Enrique Bardají’s participation in the Special Santiago de Compostela Plan, the Arturo Soria y Mata Planning Prize of the Region of Madrid in 2001, the Carlos Maria Castro Environmental Planning Prize of the Region of Madrid in 2002, and First Prize in different architectural and planning competitions and tenders.

The architecture projects undertaken by E. Bardají y Asociados S.L. include General Plans, Partial Plans, Urban Planning Projects, Residential Buildings, Office and Service Buildings, Rehabilitation of historic buildings, clinics, hotels and gardens, particularly in the Region of Madrid, and also in cities such as Oviedo, Saragossa, Sotogrande (San Roque, Cádiz), Estepona, Alicante, Puertollano, Guadalajara, Santiago de Compostela, Badajoz, Pforzheim and Berlin (Germany).

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