E. Cobb Architects Inc

Architects from Seattle, United States
E. Cobb Architects Inc was founded in 1994 to create extraordinary space and structure. Focusing on challenging built projects requiring a high degree of innovation and detail, the firm’s work has been recognized for its inventive and intelligent solutions, rooted in the specific conditions of each project. Challenges of extreme terrain, inner city lots, island construction, unique work environments, tight schedules, multiple users, extreme permitting hurdles and exacting remodels have contributed to and pushed the search for exceptional solutions.

The office has a unique relationship with a selected group of collaborators. Collectively, the team engages structure, space, landscape and surface to find intelligent and inventive opportunities in the art of building. The role and expression of these factors is the design process, not a consequence of it.
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E. Cobb Architects Inc Seattle
Seattle, United States