Earth Anatomy : Stone Wall Cladding
Earth Anatomy : Stone Wall Cladding

Earth Anatomy : Stone Wall Cladding

Manufacturers from 8 Rothray Avenue, Melbourne, Australia
The Complete Thin Natural Stone Veneer Offering
Our goals are very simple at Earth Anatomy: create the highest quality thin natural stone veneer surfacing material and get it into the hands of visionary designers and creators. We view ourselves as the “integrators.” We envision a world where stone is not restricted in its use due to weight or thickness, but we cannot get there alone.

Besides taking part in the manufacturing and distribution of our natural stone veneer, we also must educate and inform the market place on all that can be done with this new type of surfacing material. We enjoy telling the story about Earth Anatomy and how thin natural stone veneer came about. If you do not believe me, just give us a call sometime and we will tell you all about it!

Our customers tell us that they value our contribution to their projects. We seek to be a value add wherever possible, even if we are just your cheerleader. We want to see people take our product and stretch the limits of what was up until now inconceivable.

What will you create?

Please take a look at some of the different stone types available below. You can see which colors are available by clicking on the stone type. If you would like to chat about which solution and stone is right for you, please contact us via email or phone.