Echo: Design + Architecture, P.C
Echo: Design + Architecture, P.C

Echo: Design + Architecture, P.C

Architects from 119 West 24th Street, New York, NY, USA
About Us:
Our work is about creating an identity borne from collaboration between the client’s vision and the project’s surrounding environment and aesthetic. Beginning with a rigorous design process, we bring to fruition the best possible outcome for each project until the appropriate solution is generated.
Our work is varied, eclectic, and exciting. We have consulted for small and medium size real estate developers on cost effective strategies for their properties. In addition we have experience working with commercial, residential building owners and small business owners. Further, we have extensive experience with individual home owners and working within smaller budgets.

Why Echo: DA ?
Staying within our client’s budget is a priority and we work hard to reconcile budgetary constraints with inevitable ebb and flow that happens in any project. We are passionate in our belief that the idea of “design” grows out of well informed, upfront planning and development. We consult from inception to completion; beginning with a comprehensive needs assessment through to construction and finally, occupancy.

Ajay Chopra Architect is anomalous in the architecture field. We believe in customer service and do not hide behind gatekeepers. We are nimble. And as an independent, boutique firm whose principal has over 15 years’ experience in the field on a variety of projects with budgets ranging from the small to large scale complex projects—we strongly believe in our vision and design aesthetic for a particular project. However, unlike many others we never allow that vision to dictate what comes first—the client, their needs, their concerns, their own vision and thoughts for the project. We collaborate. We’re responsive. We’re passionate. We get things done quickly, effectively, on time, and on budget