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Other important topic for today, heard in many forums, in various fields, in speeches of all types, the term "sustainable."
Sometimes I do not know if it's good or not repeat as much and in dissimilar situations, but in all, which mentions the term that places her firmly believes that in areas of high and up to date knowledge.
I am concerned that is corrupt, prostitution, mercantilice, politicized and do not know how many more can achieve derivations improper handling of this noun.
However, I am clear that there are many niches in action that you do have a true and broad interpretation of the term "sustainable" or "sustainability" and not only that, but we are working hard to bring from his trench knowledge, effort and work to improving the survival of our planet.
I summarize the concept of "sustainability", approached from the purely human level, the philosophical background of the term, saying it implies a "realization".
Now I do not refer to objects, or techniques, let alone technologies; simply to the "conscience" of the human being, of every inhabitant of this planet, who realizes he is already very damaged and has already passed the bill in continuous and various occasions.

There are texts whose titles try to awaken this consciousness as "the coming catastrophe," by Elizabeth Kolbert (Winner of the National Magazine 2006 for his series of articles on climate change), but also the study entitled "How much time do we have? by Stefan Rahmstorf (Professor Head of Earth system analysis of the institute for the study of the consequences of climate change, Potsdam Germany), both texts and many more, describe and explain in detail the implications of ignoring the circumstances in which live, making imminent catastrophe unless we act immediately and efficiently.
But still, we insist on ignoring the consequences of our daily behavior.

Perhaps unusual in our national history, there are federal guidelines and in the sense of implementing at all levels of government, as in the parastatal, a wide range of actions that contribute to the decline, as a starting point, in the emission of greenhouse gases.
They offer incentives and support in various aspects, there is FIDE (CFE) that supports saving actions in the productive sector electricity consumption through various resources such as photovoltaic generation equipment (solar energy produces electricity) in the housing sector, in San Luis Potosi have changed over one million energy-saving bulbs, people delivering their incandescent bulbs; INFONAVIT provides significant subsidies to households that are acquired and value ecotecnias have approved for the purposes of sustainability (solar heaters, furniture and other equipment saving toilets, the same institute favors Integrated Sustainable Urban Developments (DUIS) for urban projects include aspects sustainable, viable and effective solutions.

Internationally, fortunately for us as a human race, there are many actions that, for decades now, have sought ways together the good will of countries aware of the problems which we live, to find and reach solutions together globally.
So in the year 1993, the economist Graciela Chichilnisky Argentina launched its proposal accepted in the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, which consisted of the so-called "carbon credit", which is an instrument with the function of encouraging efforts to stop emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, with a prize to those who reduce emissions (1 ton of CO2 is 1 carbon bond) and a punishment to those who do not or even increase. The Kyoto Protocol entered into force in 2005 and by 2009 were already 187 countries which have ratified it.
Interestingly, the country that pollutes the planet, the United States has not acceded to the Protocol, will not go into details at this time.

In referring to the "awareness", I want to mention that each of us, we are generating CO2 in our daily lives, directly or indirectly, to move our car uses gasoline to swim, the water heater gas consumed, like to cook, consume electricity (which in turn usually consume fossil fuels to produce it) to turn on lights, or use electrical equipment (especially those that generate temperature: minisplit, refrigerators, stoves, microwave ovens and others), on the other hand, consume natural resources such as drinking water in our toilet, washing clothes, dishes, car or watering green areas equally, manage our household waste (household garbage and waste items).
However, in each of these actions can be sustainable, or to be otherwise, whatever you like to call it.
By becoming aware, we will take steps to ensure that, in each of our daily activities, at home, at work, in our travels, in all areas of our life, care for the planet, not pollute more, or we abuse their natural goodness.

And this is where I open a parenthesis to discuss the "advice" or "consulting", I refer specifically to those we have in our hands the possibility of expanding this awareness to an area a little (or a lot) more. For those of us in the industry, commerce, construction, energy consumption rises considerably when it comes to these sectors of production, this is where the "savings" in emissions has greater relevance, where consumption water, electricity, fuel number is much higher than at home, where the wastes are in much greater scale and complexity of its origin, where gains or losses in construction temperature is higher, thus requiring equipment temperature conditioning and achieve an elemental and comfort, where water consumption is higher and the chances of recovering rainwater are too.
It is in these sectors where time progresses without taking corrective and / or preventive in relation to the topic at hand, that threatens us all equally.
It is in these sectors that typically applies professional advice to guide actions to optimize the use of natural resources, the use of alternative energy, rain water harvesting, waste water treatment, waste management and many other aspects.

It is characteristic of human weakness wait measures obligatory; that time is close, believe me.
It is then that we will turn to see what is making the neighbor, which "sought" the cheapest solution or the shortest route.
Hopefully not expect those moments now hopefully begin to become aware of a problem, without trying to be alarmist, causing effects in nature, in an oversight, may be irreversible.
The aforementioned author Elizabeth Kolbert wrote about it and now transcribe verbatim:
"Humans are not the first species to alter the atmosphere, that privilege belongs to the primitive bacteria two thousand million years."
 But we are the first that is able to understand what makes ".

"The earth's climate computer models indicate that we are approaching a critical threshold. Pass it will be easy, but reversing can be virtually impossible. "
That is why we need right now "aware" of the conditions in which we live, what we can do each of us as individuals in our own scale of influence. It will be much if we do a lot! .....
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