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With outspoken and colourful designs for wallpaper and fabrics, we would like to make your world more beautiful. At Eijffinger this has been our goal for over 140 years. In all these years, our curiosity, creativity and desire for innovation have remained unchanged. We are always interested in the latest decorating trends, the latest colour, designs and material innovations. But our interests go beyond the basic fashion trends. Changes in the world influence the perceptions we have of our personal environment. What is important to us? What motivates us? Where are we headed? And above all: how can we translate that to our home interior?

We live in a time of rapid and constant change. The speed of change has people reassessing and re-evaluating many aspects of their lives. Influences as diverse as the economic outlook and climate change have people reconsidering how they interact and live together in our community. Uncertainty creates the opportunity to look at things in new and different ways.

To cope successfully with this constant level of change and insecurity, people strive to be better informed and are often more critical. They look for brands that express their own unique identity, honestly and consistently. The brand needs to live up to its name so that those that identify with the brand, can rely on it as a reflection of their own personal style.

Decorating the world in distinct styles is our daily job at Eijffinger. At our home base in the Netherlands our designs pass through all the divisions before they leave our warehouse to be sent all over the world. Our representatives personify our brand and express and carry out our vision.
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