El nebot del persianer
Javier Tortosa
El nebot del persianer

El nebot del persianer

Designers from Pol. Ind. San Jose I parcela, 4 46812 Aielo de Malferit -Valencia España, n/a, Spain
El nebot del persianer is a creative design atelier multidisciplinary, founded in 2012 by Salvador Nadal Belda, which hosts interior design projects, product design and communication. Custom work for clients who bet on creative solutions, innovative and different. We bet on green design, intelligent and emotional. Incorporate new materials, natural products, perfectly adapted to our environment, promoting the use of recyclable materials. We are looking the essence and roots. We like to combine traditional with contemporary concepts balance with functionality and simplicity. We love craftsmanship. The objective: to create a sustainable future connected to our emotions. We design each project meticulous form, where every detail is paramount and the sum of many others. The improvement of the products and services of the companies is our main objective. To do this we create projects that provide creative solutions and of great personality, to get jobs that exceed the expectations of our client.We like to fuse the culture with design. Reinterpret the past reinvent the invented ...

www.elnebotdelpersianer.com / www.angulorecto-ed.com
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Pol. Ind. San Jose I parcela, 4 46812 Aielo de Malferit -Valencia España, n/a, Spain