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Manufacturers from viale dell’Industria, 169, Volargne di Dolcè, Italy
Each single day of our work and each single project for us means the research of the perfection. Top level materials, the highest quality of processing and the most skilled team permit us to say today we are able to perform HIGH END stone projects. Our collection of materials includes only the most exclusive, the most exotic and the most precious stones.

Our processing quality is the best achievable at this moment and includes both – last generation of equipment and the skilled hand of the most expert Italian artisans. Our team will never disregard your expectations. Our projects team is actually composed by skilled architects, engineers and designers able to satisfy the most exigent and sophisticated client.

The projects we supply are definitely the most prestigious and luxury ones.

Nature paints for us the most beautiful masterpieces. Each block hides in itself a unique secret – The Stone personality is revealed once the block is cut spreading all its beauty – got born to enrich your most exclusive ambients. In our new showroom located closed to Verona, Volargne di Dolcè (VR), you will find a wide variety of materials representing the most authentic and incredible natural beauty, over 20.000 sq.m of ready exotic and exclusive stones entirely processed in Italy as for the highest existing standards. Our showroom is “client – oriented”.

All our marble, Onyx and luxury stones Collection is exposed in order to permit the visitor to enter into the Stone Beauty World appreciating the natural magic of each material. Our staff is pleased to accompany you and assist you step by step in the selection of the stones for the realization of your unique and wonderful masterpiece.
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