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Entra is an international Italian brand manufacturing door handles and accessories. Entra’s mission is to create long-lasting, trend-setting innovation – in terms of production, function, application, and appearance - through continuous stimulation, comparison and by listening to the people who share the company’s same values. The result of this vision is the company’s ability to offer a selection of technical models of original beauty with recognizable sober lines, refined aesthetics, attention to the needs of the installer, and the quality of the raw materials and production processes. RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. Respect for the environment is a fundamental principle at Entra, both in terms of the production of handles and the production of packaging, as well as all industrial processes that represent the impoverishment or the pollution of natural resources. Analysis and control of energy consumption, reduction and elimination of the environmental impact of production through the elimination of waste and toxic agents, recycle, Life cycle design (LCD), Life cycle analysis (LCA), and an orientation towards respect for the environment are all part of our basic modus operandi. Our partner ENTECH Italia is currently undergoing UNI EN ISO 14001 certification. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. A modern company must be founded on respect for people. That is why Entra bases its philosophy on the human rights of individuals in order to get the most value from the human capital of the company that it represents and that represents it. The company is convinced that there is growth if it is economically efficient, socially balanced, ecologically responsible, and at the cutting-edge of culture. All long-term strategic decisions that involve the company are taken after evaluating the interest of our employees, customers and suppliers within the area Entra operates. The company believes and peruses this vision by transforming its products into objects that transcend their mere functional aspect. The goods become not only an economic tool, but are transformed into objects that can also communicate the cultural and social values that we believe in.
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