The office of Eric J. Smith is known for its sensitive and sumptuous residential work, all crafted with extreme attention to beauty, tradition, craft and comfort. Based in New Your city for over 30 years, the firm’s projects have included the design of new homes and apartments as well as residential renovations in cities, suburbs and rural areas across the United States and in the United Kingdom. As the head of his own studio, Eric Smith makes a point of bringing out the best and highest level of performance from his staff; their landscape and interior design collaborators; and the craftsmen, construction teams and engineering consultants with whom they work. Smith achieves the architectural equivalent of a perfected domesticity by considering long and hard how a home will be lived in, and the experience of the residents moving about it. These homes are often historically inspired, and they always seamlessly integrate (and often conceal) front-end technologies that provide luxury and usability to their owners. With the Fall 2019 publication of Renewing Tradition, The Architecture of Eric J. Smith, its first monograph, the studio’s work finds a larger audience who appreciate the quality of Smith’s architecture and can easily see how his clients are so well served as they work with Smith to create homes that are often designed for generations.
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