Espen Surnevik as
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Espen Surnevik as

Espen Surnevik as

Architects from Maridalsveien 122 , Oslo, Norway
Espen Surnevik (1973) is educated architect from the Oslo School of Architecture (AHO) 2000. Surnevik is to day teaching as assistant Professor at the Institute of Architecture at AHO.
The studio, sivilarchitect espen surnevik as, was founded in Oslo in 2011. Studio-projects are developed by Espen Surnevik in collaboration with his students.
Surnevik focuses on innovating and continuing the Norwegian regional Architecture-tradition. Central elements are to develop projects which have intuitive and specific link to the place, its traditions and its landscape.
The studio develops projects where construction and space has a unity in which program and functions finds it exact place.
The projects are often planed in a historic context which is seen as a opportunity to tell a story of our time and the past.
We regard architecture to be an expression which tell us how society have been thinking during history.
The projects have a detail-focus for all production, including landscape and interior. The goal is that all projects should express a Whole, where the overviewing conceptual idea is represented in the small details and vice versa.

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